Facebook Improvements worth talking about…

If you are like me that spend some time Facebook daily, you would have noticed the huge improvement to Facebook in recent weeks. While many see this as a response to Google plus, it is definitely good for the users. It actually shows that there are always rooms for improvement and that we should expect more in the future. So, what are these improvements?

Timelime: The new Facebook timeline is really cool. With the new Facebook timeline, knowing what is happening with your friend is now as easy as ABC. All within your Facebook homepage, you can now see your friend’s comments on other peoples’ posts, photos and update, what they like, what they wrote on other friends wall etc. 

Subscription: Another great improvement to Facebook in recent weeks is that fact that you can now subscribe to people that are not your friends. This gives you an opportunity to get updates from people that are of interest to you but are not your friend. This is similar to following people on twitter and just like what you get when following people on Twitter, you will get their updates but they won’t see anything coming from you.

Group Pages: The group pages on Facebook now have a new look. The bad news is that if you do not update your group page for some months, Facebook will close it and replace it with a new look. The implication is that you will end up having no member again. It is not also easier to look for old posts on your group page with the search box on the page. And what more, you now have the option to turn off the notification anytime. You can also post to your group page by sending message to here Facebook mail (e.g bits@groups.facebook.com).

Notification: The Facebook notification has come back in a new way not to spam you, so, every notification is orderly organized

Message/Chat: And the last but not the least, the “Message and Chat idea” is very cool. Your Message turns into chat when you are online and into message when you are offline.

So, will this be the beginning of many things to expect from Facebook? Time will tell.