Forget That Puny USB Charger, Huawei’s Latest Phablet Will Power Your Other Devices


Announced at the ongoing International Consumer Electronics Show, Chinese tech challenger Huawei’s latest monster, the Ascend Mate 2, sports a non-removable 4,050mAh battery. In everyday speak, the device can hold three times the quantity of power an iPhone could ever hope to store, and Huawei estimates that one charge will take you through two days of unrestrained use. Against that very, well, powerful backdrop, it makes absolute sense that the 6.1-inch 4G/LTE phablet comes with a USB port for reverse charging: this thing is effectively a backup power pack for other devices. No, Samsung didn’t see this one coming.

See the Ascend Mate 2 charging an iPhone in a cheeky photo from Huawei’s CEO of consumer services, Richard Yu’s CES presentation below.

Giant 2

Images via GSM Insider, International Business Times