Who We Are - BITS

BITS, an Alberta Startupcourt Limited experiment, is a leading media company. We focus on providing daily coverage of everything happening within the Business, Start-ups, Career, Social Media, Entertainment, Technology and Developers ecosystem on the Africa continent. We provide insights, tips, advice, product / service review and in-depth analysis of technology trends / events and happenings. Also, we run technology commentaries on every event and happenings.

We are currently working on re-defining how media reporting is done in Africa. For us, this is about passion and telling the right story about Africa and its people. We will do this by stimulating the ecosystem to generate the kind of buzz required to see the emergency of many successful businesses – not Start-ups from Africa.

If you feel we are going in the same direction or we have something to offer to you or your company, don’t hesitate to drop us an email via hello@startupcourt[dot]com.

Interested in becoming part of this great team, let’s hear from you. Visit our career page for more information. We are constantly looking for that extra-ordinary person that will complete our team to serve our customers better.

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