Apple Now In Race To Catch Up With Android

In a race to determine who has won the heart of the consumers, Android seems to have the edge. Android is now said to have a record number of total mobile apps downloads for second quarter of 2011. The figure credited to Android surpasses that of Apple for the same period. According to research carried out by ABI research, the Android platform was responsible for 44% of mobile app download while Apple iOS accounted for 31%.

According to the press release, the recent quarterly shipment growth figures also explain Android’s ascent to the top app download position. iPhone shipment growth in Q2 2011 slowed to 9% from 15% a quarter earlier. In the same period, Android smartphone shipments increased by 36% in Q2 2011, compared to 20% in Q1. The study further states that Android’s install base now exceeds iOS by a factor of 2.4-to-1 worldwide and expects this factor  to grow to 3-to-1 by 2016. 

I agree with technologists who believe that that open source strategy is the main factor for this milestone increase. Only time would tell if this would continue. Android which now has a good market share of the mobile app download industry was project to have 20% in 2014 by researchers but have surpassed that only in 2011 even though it does not have as much apps as that of the Apple market.

As it stands, these two platforms are taking over the mobile app world leaving others to follow. But with the launch of the two Nokia Windows phones, that might soon change.

Interested in reading the full press release, click here to visit the ABI Research website.

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