Useful links for novice Blackberry programmers

As part of our plan to help developers pick relevant skills, we will be sharing links that we feel are useful for novice Blackberry programmers. Even if you are experience developers, you will still find these materials useful. Bookmark then and share them with people that you feel will benefit from these materials. These resources are divided into two:

  1. For programmers who are not familiar with java
        1. The Source for Java Developers
        2. Java 2 Micro Edition
        3. Thinking in Java, by Bruce Eckel
  2. For more experienced programmers
    1. Blackberry Getting Started
    2. Blackberry Developers Zone
    3. Blackberry Developer Knowledge Base
    4. Blackberry Developer Guide & Other documentation
    5. Blackberry Developer Video Library
    6. Blackberry Memory Best Practices Book
    7. Blackberry GPS and Maps Developer Guide
    8. Signing keys

The following materials will also be useful: