African Web Summit Comes to Nigeria

Are you a start-up and passionate about technology? Then you need to plan to attend the African Web Summit (AWS). The summit will take place in Lagos, Nigeria on 14 and 15th September 2011. AWS is a technology based event that was created by a key group of young Africans in the Technology, Investment and Social Media space in partnership with international brands and experts interested in the growth of the African Technology sector.

The AWS aims to bring key local & international players together from cutting-edge technologists to the forward-thinking investors, to conceptual start-ups, grounded entrepreneurs, leading corporations, insightful social media experts and savvy marketers to government officials and focused policy analysts. Everyone will be together in a room over a two day period and will seek work on bringing growth and technology to Africa to help Africa achieve global recognition. One of the primary aims of the AWS is to encourage the development of ideas and foster new relationships that will initiate breakthroughs in the Web & Technology space in Africa.

What are the Objectives of the AWS?

  • To educate, showing companies and individuals the value of Social Media as an advertising and branding tool.
  • To aid in the Digital Revolution of African as an emerging market.
  • To inform as a means of sharing news worthy information and a device news agencies and individuals can use to circumvent the perceived failures of rolling 24hr news.
  • To run various workshops for startups, software and game developers and iMarketing
  • To continue the digital awareness of a continent trying to keep up with the rest of the developed nations.
  • To promote investments in the African technology sector.

How to register: Tickets for the events are not yet available but you can pre-register by visiting AWS event page for details.

Interested in learning more about the summit and the event speakers? Visit the AWS website. You can also join the event facebook page to share your thoughts.

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