SYL’S Smart Start – The Nigerian Interactive Multilingual Computer Tutor

Smart Start is an interactive multilingual computer tutor that introduces the basics of computer appreciation in its simplest form. It was developed by identifying the need to bridge the learning gap due to language that keeps growing wider daily in Nigeria as it relates to the world of information technology.

This rich intuitive computer tutor comes also with audio language support of the three major languages in Nigeria namely, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba and soon will cut across the African Continent.

We believe that learning can be made to come closer to the people by bringing it to them in their mother tongue, thus building the platform for later future intellectual development.

SmartStart will be willing to collaborate with NGOs, Governments or private organization to ensure that millions of Nigerians who lack basic computer knowledge are reached and their lives transformed through ICT.

SmartStart is a Product of SYL Multimedia technologies available for free download at SYL’s website. You can download the English version, the Yoruba version, as well as request for custom copies of the software.

Interesting remark is that SYL comes from Obafemi Awolowo University’s Distant Learning Program. Seem like good tech product are coming from that campus, as we recently wrote about Effiwe – online resource for Nigerian medical students.

Below are screen shots of what the Yoruba version of the software looks like. It show how user learn to some computer peripherals such as the keyboard; how to use Windows XP; and how to surf the internet.


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