Introducing MALIYO Games – With African Narratives

MALIYO Games is a Nigerian company, which shares the experiences of everyday Africans with a global audience through games. MALIYO creates casual browser games with African Themes, Narratives, Environments, Characters and Sound. Operating out of Co-creation Hub, MALIYO is pioneering casual gaming, designed to be localised, fun, engaging and entertaining.

With titles such as Okada Ride, Aboki, Kidnapped, and Mosquitoes Smasher, MALIYO Games captures the culture and humour African are known for. The content is rich and allows consumers to embed and share the experience with friends within Facebook, Google+, websites and other social media platforms.

The global game industry expected to hit $80 billion by 2012 spurred largely by growth in mobile and online games. With African audiences increasingly seeking locally relevant content and with increasing web and mobile penetration on the continent, local developers should be latching on and creating these applications.

Hugo Obi and the entire MALIYO team will be around at May’s Edition of Developers Parapo, as the CcHUB  transforms into a Game Arcade and invites you to a product experience session on May 31, 2012 at 5.30pm. Hugo will be sharing insights on how the entire community can leverage their work for value creation. Their presentation will followed by discussions on the opportunities in gaming in Nigeria and beyond.

You can register for the event, as well as try out one of the games from MALIYO – this one is called Class Fight.

Upated 2012/06/01: MALIYO Games Go Live and Social Too