Android 6.0! Is Google In A Rush?

No just long ago, did confirmation of the new Android 5.0 reached the market. Now there are romours of Android 6.0 which is planned to be out sometime next year.

Now, we’ve got wind of what could be the next version of Android to follow Jelly Bean 5.0. According to the Verge, the next serving of Android will be Key Lime Pie.

By now we all know Google’s tradition of naming each new build of the Android mobile operating system after a sweet dessert, progressing through a delectable world of treats in alphabetical order. With Ice Cream Sandwich already out and Jelly Bean on the way, the Verge’s sources (anonymous, of course) say that the ‘K’ that follows Jelly Bean’s ‘J’ will be Key Lime Pie.

The Verge cites the same source that revealed the Jelly Bean moniker way back in September. As we already mentioned, this was confirmed just this past weekend by Asus, so it seems to be a reliable source. There’s also not many desserts starting with the letter ‘K.’ No word on a release date (or even time frame) or version number for Key Lime Pie, but we’re assuming it will be at least 2013 and either Android 5.5 or 6.0.

Source: Tom’s Guide


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