Storify: Official Launch of The Nokia – Co-Creation Hub Growth Academy

Nokia/CcHUB Growth Academy Program – a three (3) months intensive program, to equip early stage start-ups and innovative business ideas and businesses with skills, resources, channels to market, platforms and expertise in a bid to accelerate and grow their development as businesses with major economic potential.

The program is already underway with Futurice providing hands-on User eXperience/UserI design training for mobile based designers from the selected startups. However today was the official lunch, and here’s what we could put together – thanks to storify:



Tweets and Photos from the Official launch of Growth Academy, an initiative by Nokia (Futurice) and the Co-Creation Hub to accelerate 10 companies in a period of 3 months. See more” target=”_blank”>View the story “Nigeria: Official Launch of Growth Academy” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Nigeria: Official Launch of Growth Academy</h1> <h2>Tweets and Photos from the Official launch of Growth Academy, an initiative by Nokia (Futurice) and the Co-Creation Hub to accelerate 10 companies in a period of 3 months. See more </h2> <p>Storified by oTeKbits · Fri, May 25 2012 11:43:11</p> <div>Live at the @nokia and @cc_hub Growth Academy Launch #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Co-creation Hub (@Cc_HUB) on TwitterSign up for Twitter to follow Co-creation Hub (@Cc_HUB). Open living lab for entrepreneurs, investors, tech companies and hackers in and …</div> <div>Nokia (@nokia) on TwitterSign up for Twitter to follow Nokia (@nokia). News and updates from Nokia. We’re online between 9AM and 6PM GMT, Monday to Friday. Need h…</div> <div>There are 10 sets of developers/startups involved in the maiden edition @Nokia – @CC_hub Growth Academy. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Growth Academy is a 3 month program to help develop startup into companies that can later create jobs – Teemu (Nokia). #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Futurice is partner company with Nokia, currently training developers on User Interface and Experience at the Growth Academy #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Web, mobile and enterprise solutions, A Lean IT company – FuturiceFuturice is a new school IT company with offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Berlin. We employ 150+ professional programmers and designers.</div> <div>#cchublive RT @Ajibz: Nice trainings from Paul Houghton of Futurice on Mobile development specialty on S40.oTeKbits</div> <div>The Growth Academy is not a training but an accelerator program for companies that have prospects for growth – Teemu (Nokia) #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>The selected companies already have products in development phase, and will be working on these products in the Growth Academy. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>There are so many ideas in Nigeria, but they have to translate to products. That’d the point of the Growth Academy. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>A lot of discipline and dedication is required of participants of the Growth Academy. [and people get kicked off for slacking] #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Growth Academy started with one week of Technical training and User Driven Design – @etcho. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Next week, the focus will be on Business Model Development [any product has got to be viable in the market] #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>The Growth Academy is a first time ever initiative for Nokia (global) and Co-Creation Hub. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>We need Hero-Stories in the local tech ecosystem. If we don’t, we’ve failed. – Teemu (Nokia). #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Paul from @Futurice shares his experience so far, working with Nokia and now being part of the Growth Academy. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Question & Answers at the Official Launch of Growth Academy. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Q. How did you select the participant for Growth Academy? A. Participants are companies (teams) that have potential for growth. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Growth Academy promises to bring investors to the participants that are ready to pitch. Not all will get investments. – Teemu #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>We don’t restrict/limit the companies on the product, but only advice them how to develop the product – Teemu (Nokia) #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div><i>Question from Virtual Participant of The Event</i></div> <div>@oTeKbits what’s your yardstick for measuring/knowing companies (teams) that have potential for growth? #cchubliveEduozor Henrie</div> <div><i>Response to Question</i></div> <div>.@Ifyduoz The selected companies were already working with the @cc_hub and Nokia. There were also some pitching sessions. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div>Approximately 30 companies will be going through the #GrowthAcademy in 2012, but the focus is on quality not quantity – Teemu. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div><i>Another Question from a Virtual Event Participant</i></div> <div>@oTeKbits what of individuals who have ideas that can translate into products, can’t they be part of the growth academy? #cchubliveAgbalanze</div> <div><i>Response to Question. (We also suggested subscription to the ccHub to go from idea to company)</i></div> <div>.@Sanch_FW Unfortunately the Growth Academy is only an accelerator for existing companies with products and talents. #cchubliveoTeKbits</div> <div><b>The event ended with a networking session with light refreshment on the Co-Creation Hub Rooftop.</b></div>


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