Oracle releases Netbeans 7.1

image Netbeans IDE is one of the most popular java development tool in the industry. It also supports the development of software products in other programming languages like PHP, C++, JavaScript , HTML and RIA applications.

Oracle recently announced the availability of the NetBeans 7.1 IDE. This is the first upgrade of the open source development environment since the 7.0 release in April, and Oracle is spotlighting user interface improvements in the Web client and the desktop. But this is also the first IDE to provide full support for JDK 7 and JavaFX 2.0.

For the Web client, this release expands integrated support for Java ServerFaces (JSF) Web-app frameworks, including the ICEfaces open source Ajax framework and the RichFaces Ajax-component library hosted by JBoss, Pataky explained. This release also provides new support for the CSS3 style sheet language in the NetBeans CSS editor, including code completion and syntax coloring, and documentation for new CSS4 elements. “Add that to our support for HTML5, and you have the tools to do some pretty interesting development.

NetBeans 7.1 improves on the IDE’s PHP debugging capabilities, and adds support for PHPUnit test groups and Smarty templates. It also adds integrated support for the Git version control system, as well as new support for Windows APIs, including access to a visual window layout designer and pluggable multiview components.

The user community of Netbeans continues to grow has more people turn to if as their default development environment.