Effiwe: Online Resource For The Nigerian Medical Students

Effiwe is a very common Yoruba slang meaning a person who loves books, a bookworm, but when you add ‘.net’, it becomes something else entirely. Launched in November 2011 by three then 400L medical students of Obafemi Awolowo University, it now boasts of a vast database of study materials for medical students.

effiwe.net barely in its 5th month of existence has attracted medical students from all across Africa. Its unique Nigerian and African content which is a rarity in the online community is one factor that has attracted hundreds of regular registered users to the platform.

effiwe.net is primarily a download and upload resource site which gives medical students quick and easy access to their lecture notes and presentations thus eliminating the stress of tracking down the class representative for these materials. As stated earlier, we have re-created the way medical students in our school (Obafemi Awolowo University College of Health Sciences) study.

We have created a movement that facilitates learning at ease, and we are spreading this to other parts of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We have also created a media of idea and knowledge exchange through our interactive forum.

Our online content are Nigerian and African information which are very practical because in the medical profession, we learn better by practical instructions which most foreign sites do not provide. The site also publishes Effi-zine, a monthly publication that combines medical information with other great articles , literature and much more.

We have achieved great success with the medical school and this has prompted comments from students in the other faculties, we are preparing to  incorporate five other faculties. Soon, students in these faculties can truly experience what it means to learn at ease.

And yes, the use of the facilities on effiwe.net is absolutely free.


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