MoSync: Develop Your Applications For Multiple Platforms

The challenge facing most people is how to develop their application once and make it available to the different platforms (Android, Nokia, IOS, Blackberry etc) without having to write codes in different programming language. But with the constant changes in technology, there are now easier ways to achieve this. Our team came across one of such tools – MoSync – last week and we feel you guys will find it useful.

What is MoSync? MoSync is a Software Development Kit which allows you to develop applications for all the major mobile platforms using a single environment and C/C++ code base on Windows or OS X. Applications created with MoSync are indistinguishable from those produced by the iPhone SDK, Android SDK or corresponding packages for the various platforms. MoSync produces real native applications, packaged and ready for distribution in each platforms’ native installation format.

The MoSync SDK allows you to create fully-featured mobile applications that take advantage of the powerful features offered by modern mobile devices. With MoSync, you will be developing your applications using standard C/C++ in an Eclipse-based environment pre-configured with a set of MoSync-specific plugins to create a fluid experience from development and debugging to testing and deployment. MoSync uses standard C/C++. As such, a vast number of libraries are readily available to developers.

Platform and feature support

MoSync supports the iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, JavaME and Moblin platforms. Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 support will be added shortly. It provides access to all the common APIs used in general application development, as well as a number of domain-specific APIs. To know more about the features supported by MoSync, click here.

How much does MoSync cost?

MoSync is released under a dual license – open source GPL v2 and commercial. This gives you the best of both worlds. If you are developing applications that will be made available to the end users free of charge, then you can use MoSync for free. However, if you are developing proprietary, commercial applications, the commercial licensing option allows you to develop applications without having to publish you source code, and entitles you to all the support you need. For the full details on the licenses and pricing, click here.