Hacker Group Anonymous Creates Alternative to Pastebin.com

Notorious hacker group Anonymous well known for carrying various out high level hacking expeditions against several governments and companies, in collaboration with another group People’s Liberation Front recently announced their creation of an alternative to pastebin.com . Pastebin is a code sharing services which has recently seen a lot of traffic increase due to the posting of confidential company information by hacker groups from all over the world.

Anonymous recently announced the availability of their alternative to Pastebin called AnnonPaste which is meant to host pastes of code and other messages without any moderation or censorship of the information posted.  It claims that data is encrypted and decrypted in the browser using 256 bit AES, so the server doesn’t see any of the information included in the paste.

The two groups launched AnonPaste as an alternative to the popular code-sharing site Pastebin, which has struggled to deal with its growing reputation as the popular hangout for malicious code or stolen data. AnonPaste is built using open-source software called ZeroBin, created by French developer Sebastien Sauvage.

In a press release, the creators of AnonPaste washed their hands regarding content: “Because the data on our servers is unreadable by us (or anyone), the responsibility for the legality or appropriateness of any paste lies solely with the person posting. So there will be no need for us to police this service, and in fact we don’t even have the ability of deleting any particular paste.”


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