Updated: Nokia Announces “Create 4 Millions” Developers Contest Finalists

Nokia has just announced the finalists of its “create 4 millions” developers contest. The content which was announced in June 2012 saw developers submitting more than 1,300 Series 40 Java and web applications. The contest aims to ensure that outstanding apps are created to be used on the S40 devices.

According to the contest rules, developers were expected to submit applications in the following categories.

  • In the Know – Nokia seeks Series 40 web apps focusing on news and location-based information.
  • Fun & Games – Nokia is eager to try your Series 40 Java games and entertainment apps that will fill those spare moments during the day with amusing, unforgettable diversions.
  • Emotional Closeness – this is your chance to submit social networking apps that are developed either as Series 40 Java apps or web apps.
  • Access to Knowledge – Nokia wants your life improvement apps (e.g., education, health, etc.), and in this category they will accept either Series 40 Java apps or web apps too.

After a lot of hard work and reviewing the numerous Series 40 Java and web applications published to Nokia Store, Nokia is excited to announce the list of global finalists in Nokia’s Create for Millions developer contest. The top apps in each of the categories (listed in alphabetical order) are given below:

  • Emotional Closeness:
  • Avatar
  • Blaving
  • GoogaSync Mini
  • Hand Draw Message
  • I’m Feeling..!
  • Mozat
  • qeep
  • Social Sport
  • Soundtracker Radio
  • TalkTalk
  • Viny

Note: This category has 11 finalists because of a tie in our judges’ voting.

  • Access to Knowledge:

1. Baby Write Number
2. Eco System Saving Tips
3. Formula DB
4. iJangleGuitarTools
5. MedCel
6. myQR.Card
7. Quick Sticky Notes
8. Smart Yoga Pro
9. Wiki Encyclopedia
10. YouTube Teletext

  • In the Know:

1. AroundMe
2. FidMe
3. fotoSearch for Twitter
4. HeatMap
5. Lemon24
6. Locago
7. MemoCase
8. Socbay iMedia
9. TransJakarta S40
10. Write3

  • Fun and Games:

1. Carcassonne
2. Chaos of Liti’s
3. Crash Test Dummies 2
4. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim
5. Mobiraba
6. Sandbox
7. Sushi Loops
8. Treasures of Montezuma 2
9. Ultimate Linos
10. Urban Fatburner Macho!

Congratulations to all of our finalists on this accomplishment!  The global contest winners will be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February. Special prizes will also be awarded to apps showcasing the best touch feature; the best location-aware app; and the best overall Series 40 web app. Additionally, there were 10 regional contests held at the same time as the global contest. Details about regional contest winners will be available soon.

It will be great to see if any app developed by a Nigeria made the list. Aside the global competition, the competition was also held in some regions. Nokia West Africa is expected to announce the finalists and winners of the “Create 4 Millions” West Africa Developers contest any time from now.

I will bring you more information on each of the finalists as soon as it is available. So, bookmark this post :).

Updated: Nokia West Africa has just announced the winners of its “Create 4 Millions” Developers Contest. The winners is MyCash by @ajibz and he will be presented with a cash prize of 5,000 USD. MyCash and two other top 3 winners (Maths Practice by Sinelimit and Danfo by Pledge51) will represent West Africa, in an all-expense paid trip, at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. All the 3 apps can be downloaded from the Nokia store. More details shortly.