6 Reasons Why We Need To Support Co-creation Hub

On 20 July 2011, I had the opportunity of meeting with the Co-creation guys and some stakeholders at CcHub Nigeria office space in Yaba, Lagos. I must confess that the guys are doing a great job and they are trying to fill a void in the Nigeria tech ecosystem.I am therefore using this post to focus on why I think we need to support CcHub Nigeria.

If CcHub succeeds, the Nigeria tech ecosystem will benefit more. Below are 6 Reasons Why I believe we need to support the CcHub dream. These are not in any particular order.

Reduced Startup costs

Imagine an environment where you can focus on getting your company off the ground. Yes, a place with affordable rent where office equipment and administrative helps are provided, managerial and business advice are closed at hand. This is exactly one of the things CcHub want to achieve. CcHUB is positioning itself as Nigeria’s open living lab and pre-incubation space. As a young startup founder, you get access to the basic things (internet access, stationery etc) you need at affordable price. This will not only reduce your cost but it will also help you to fully focus on launching your startup.

Great Support for Young Startups

CcHub is being designed to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. The Hub wants to act as a cushy nest designed to accelerate the successful development of social tech ventures through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by the hub management and offered both in the space and through CcHub network of partners.

You will also get access to quality mentors. Some people have gone this path before and are willing to share their experience with you. So, CcHub will give many startups founders the opportunity to meet this set of people. And one benefit of this opportunity is that people will be able to learn from the mistakes of others.

Opportunity to collaborate with others

Beyond serving as office space for would-be entrepreneurs, CcHub will be a place for people from different sectors to co-create solutions that will solve many of the social problems Nigeria is currently facing. You will have the opportunity to connect with other people, share ideas, and find the expertise you need to create your service / solution. You get to work with people of like mind who can push you to follow through on your ideas.

As we all know knowledge is great and having a decent workspace is helpful. But collaborating with like-minded peers is definitely great. Most successful people have found out that nothing is more valuable than the network of advisors, alumni, investors, and media access. Many young startups founders will greatly benefit from this.

Access to Talents

CcHub is strategically located in a climate to foster innovation and bring ideas to life. Right in the middle of churches, schools, police stations, bars, typical Lagos market, popular bus stops and eateries and on a 182sqm open space, CcHub is located in Yaba – the home of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech). Also, Lagos has the established workforce and new immigrant talents (who come to Lagos on a daily basis) with the drive to succeed and the knowledge to execute.

Working in CcHub means that you will be connected to this diverse workforce. In addition, co-creation tenants will gain access to the thousands of engineering, science and management students of UNILAG and Yabatech. These students bring vast array of skills and fresh ideas that startups thrive on. And will therefore be great addition to any startup.

Platform to Get More Creative

The meet-ups and other events CcHub will be organising are great ways to drive creativity. These kinds of events will help you to think outside the box and challenge yourself to look at things from different angles. You will also be able to look up to fellow entrepreneurs for inspiration.

Many great business ideas will be hatched

Yes, many great businesses will be birthed. And off-course many job opportunities will be created in the community. In addition, the hub will lead co-creation initiatives aimed at creating novel technologically driven solutions to the myriad social challenges facing the average Nigerian.

If you think there are other reasons, kindly add them to this write-up using the comment form below. Let’s put our resources together to ensure CcHub succeed.

Note: This post was written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin