MxPix; 1.5 million page views in 3 days of launching? How did they do it?

Earlier in the year, Motribe,  a platform that enables users, brands, agencies and publishers to build and manage their own mobile social communities made and app built on the Mxit platform that is called JudgeMe, a mobile meeting app that provides people with a way to meet each other by uploading and browsing photos.

They did not stop there. They have recently deployed another app leveraging on the API of Mxit. Their new service is called MxPix.

As you may have known, Mxit is one of the powerful mobile social network out of Africa, it is the largest in South Africa. Most of its users are on feature phones. MxPix makes photo sharing and filtering possible for people with feature phones and creates a new way for Mxit users to meet each other.

The acceptance of this app within Mxit is phenomenal. Within three days they got 33,245 people signed up, they uploaded 16,955, got 37,059 likes and 1,540,944 page views. All these happened within the space of three days. The users of MXit are surely an army to have been able to make these happen within three days.

MXit opening its API to developers is surely going to help the new developers get publicity for their apps. The programme aims to help Mxit developers get their new apps discovered by the million of Mxit’s users. This means that Mxit will give some of the best independent developers a chance to get their apps promoted just the way Motribe has been able to promote two of its apps–JudgeMe and MxPix.

The Kickstarter programme by Mxit is definitely a great push for developers.


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