Facebook Growth Declines. What Shall We Make Of This?

There is this saying, what goes up must come down! has it finally come down for the hugely successful network? This news will bode well with the anti-Facebook campaigners, rivals of the hugely successfully social media network Facebook.

Facebook Inc, founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends in 2004 and based in Palo Alto, California. Facebook has nearly a billion users worldwide, a convergence of young and old, rich or poor, smart and dumbass. According to statistics from Com Score, 2012 has the slowest growth rate for Facebook since Com score began taking data.

What exactly is wrong with Facebook?

When Facebook launched its IPO in April and pre IPO acquired Instagram, everything looked great but am sure the newly married creator has more on his mind than his bride right now. Many people are worried that probably Zuckerberg has taken more than he can chew, with an added responsibility of more investors to answer to.

Facebook was anticipated to the biggest market debut in the world with the launch of new products, its app store. but it also shows that sometimes the market has a mind of its own. With varying share prices per capita of USD$38.00 to a steep decline to USD$27.00, declining growth rate is not the only concern faced by Facebook.

To make investors happy and generate enough revenue from its large and growing community.

It is all about the money now for Mark Zuckerberg


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