Nigeria Startups Pitch For Investment

In June 2011, the Mobile Monday Nigeria team announced the plan to host Pitch Monday on 25 July. The stage is now set for the event. Pitch Monday seeks to bring together Angel investors, Seed stage investors, Venture Capitals etc and Startups / Business owners. Startups will have few minutes to pitch their services / solutions.

What To Expect?

According to the information made available to the Otekbits team, each Startup will have 3 mins to pitch to the investors and have additional 5 mins to answer questions from the investors. The Startups are expected to use the opportunity to convince the investors about the opportunities in their business. The entrepreneurs will have to show that they fully understand their line of business, competitors and the industry.

Aside working on good business opportunities, the entrepreneurs have to show that they know about numbers i.e. how much investment they need and how the fund will be used. So, they have to be sure that they are on top of their games. Beyond business, investors invest in people. This means that the entrepreneurs have to convince the investors on the day that they have what it takes to run a successful business. It is going to be an interesting session and we hope one or two Startups will be able to get the investments they want.

The Sponsors:

This month event is being sponsored by Dealfish Nigeria and Mobitel Nigeria. Dealfish is a free classifieds site where you can find ads from your neighbourhood. The company focuses on ease of use and up-to-date ads. Mobitel, on the the hand, is the pioneer provider of real broadband service in Nigeria with speed starting at 1MB and with capacity to hit 100Mbps for Homes and Offices. Mobitel differentiates on consistency and reliability of speed compared to the current segment leaders.