World Bank and CcHub Nigeria Collaborate on WaterHackathon

CcHub Nigeria yesterday announced, on the twitter account of one of the founders, a partnership with World Bank to collaborate on WaterHackathon. The WaterHackathon is a two-day marathon hacking event with multiple global locations bringing together software developers from all over to hack on real-world water problems.

What are the problems?

Prior to the actual event, World Bank will be working together with water experts from around the world to define and refine water problems, turning them from abstract challenges into concrete problem definitions that could actually be ‘hacked’ in one crazy weekend. Some of the existing problems are:

  • Build a global mathematical knowledge and model database that benefits everyone
  • Solar tracking control for concentrated solar hot water heating arduino
  • Water shortage voting reports from SMS to locate and supply on demand basis
  • Dynamic Detour Maps
  • An application to document refugees
  • Application which helps protect activists by automatically notifying others (deadline-based alternative to the ‘panic button’)
  • Social Network which Satisfies Needs and Wishes of its Participants
  • App for reporting offenders, criminals and drug traffickers
  • App for reporting offenders, criminals and drug traffickers
  • Apps4Water

The team also wants your problems! If you or your organization have a water-related challenge that could benefit from creative software solutions, World bank and CcHub want to hear about it! To begin, fill out the problem template. If you have trouble posting a problem or just want some early feedback, you can also send an email to

The global WaterHackathon event will take place October 21st to 23rd, 2011. For more information, visit the World Bank Hackathon page.