Will Mobile Phones Make The PCs Obsolete?

In the future you won’t own your mobile in the future, it will own you as your mobile phone is an extension of arm, a third limb. Can anyone remember the hugely successful movies Terminator starring Arnie? One day machines will rule the world!! Maybe am a bit paranoid but the signs are there.

I read somewhere that soon you won’t have to carry credit cards or any form of chip cards- in short, your phone becomes your card (just ranting)

Back to our subject matter

The evolution of mobile devices is massive and looks set to continue on this trajectory into the future as innovation has never ceased. Mobile phones have slowly become primary personal computing devices in place of personal computers (PCs).

Mobile hardware is increasingly becoming thinner and lighter, who can remember the grenade- walkie talkie like phones compared to our sleek iPhones now? Soon phone software will store data gathered from a cloud interface, that allow each individual’s identity to be completely bound up in their phones.

Globally, people own more mobile devices than they have access to laptops (The case is predominant in Africa). So the question is, will the personal computer fade into oblivion in the manner of the mainframe computers.

Though there still exists the issues of battery life and a lot of security risk. Think about it though how many of us really place importance on securing the files and data on our phones? There is much talk on biometric authentification such as iris-recognition, voice-recognition, facial-recognition or palm-print recognition to access data, in place of passwords.

Although not secure enough, passwords do have the advantage of being able to be re-issued if lost or stolen. With these problems aside, countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India are experiencing phenomenal mobile phone proliferation and growth. Mobile devices are not exact replicas of personal computers, but they have developed into very useful mobile computing devices that offer even sometimes better functions of today’s PCs.

Note: I wrote this post on my Blackberry. So what does the future hold for mobile phones in Africa? I feel they are being under utilized and we are more into the social media aspects rather than the functionality.


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