Tech Accessories: iPad Leather-Like 5-position Case

This is for all classy people who like to pimp their devices and prefer to have their mobile devices as fashion accessories. Introducing the new iPad Leather-Like 5-position case.

It is a great way to protect your iPad from scratches. Asides protection, the case increases Wi-Fi reception by up to 36times and it increases  Wi-Fi range by up to 6times. Style and functionality all in one.

The case also offers download speeds increased by up to 9.1times faster and upload speeds by up to 8.7times. Want more, Oliver Twist? The case also reduces Wi-Fi radiation exposure (SAR) by up to 83% below the FCC limit.

The patented origami cover folds into 5 different configurations. There is a catch- it costs $119.99 on Amazon.




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