Do You Really Know How The Twitter’s @ System Works

I remember when Jesse Oguns first pointed it out to me, but the video (below) of Gary Vaynerchuk explaining how the Twitter’s @ system works, put things in clearer perspective. It definitely created an urgent need to share with other tweeps – as most of you reading may not even know about it.

Just in case you can’t view the video below, here’s what the problem is:


Let’s have @NubiKayode, @JesseOguns and @oTeKbits as players in a conversation. If @NubiKayode tweets at oTeKbits, i.e. sending a tweet starting with ‘@oTeKbits…’, then one of the following happens:

If @Jesse is following @NubiKayode, he sees the tweet.

If @Jesse is not following @oTeKbits, he doesn’t see any reply from @oTeKbits to @NubiKayode

So, @JesseOguns has to be following @oTeKbits and @NubiKayode to follow a conversation. Now that sucks. Any remedy? Well here’s what @JesseOguns says:


Still don’t get it? This video should put things in perspective. Twitter fix it! 


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