What Language Do You Speak? Welcome To The Blackberry Generation

Do you speak BlackBerry? That is the question Research in Motion, makers of BlackBerry phones will like to know. BlackBerry is searching for ten individuals, male and female equally distributed to act as BlackBerry messengers. Interested? you need to fit into this criteria- you must belong to one of these universities- Federal university of Technology, Igbinedion university, University of Abuja, University of Lagos and the university of Port Harcourt and can be in any level except for your final year.

What are the perks? you get invites to exclusive brand parties, VIP treatment at all the freshest events and phattest concerts in your area, get kitted out in trendy brand gear, adoration and admiration from your fellow peers when you become the most popular guy or girl on campus, and of course a BlackBerry Smartphone to show off to your friends and fellow students. You will also gain invaluable networking and marketing experience.

To be a BB messenger, you must (preferably, but definitely not limited to, someone who lives on campus)

  • A 1st, 2nd or 3rd year student that will be on campus for the rest of 2012 and 2013
  • Someone who has a knowledge of, and is willing to scout and attend all the exciting happenings and biggest parties on campus
  • Someone who can organize an event on or off campus
  • Someone who can handle the campus authorities
  • Someone who is fun, loving and approachable
  • And finally, someone who is ready to be the next campus icon and is looking for the experience of a lifetime!

Well you need to be unique and stand out from the crowd and have a special talent.

This is an opportunity for individuals who are looking ahead, as being a BB messenger with all the experiences you will get can be impressive on your resume after graduation. I won’t bore you with statistics but it is not just all about hurling your blackberries around, this is a time to be part of the Blackberry experience. Don’t forget me when you are famous, remember you read it first here.

Visit here to know what next to do.

Update: Although the initial deadline for application was 18th of May, 2012, information getting to us, is that it’s been extended, so you can still apply.

image credits: flickr


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