Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook, IPO, Birthday And Divorce

Editor’s Note: This post is from pieces sent in by two different contributors – Adewale Yusuf and Tech Mistress, and it’s just for you to start your weekend on a ‘outside-tech-business-as-usual’ note. Well it’s centered around Facebook and it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is very much in the news – well he always has.

We have covered a number of story on Facebook, but aside the IPO (going public at $41 per share to have a value of $116 Billion), what else should you know about the social network and it’s founder – Mark Zuckerberg? First,  May 14, 2012 was Mark Zuckerberg’s  28th birthday. From late last year till now, Facebook (and MZ) has been in covered stories than ever before with interesting growth and storming steps the company took in making their service the best in market.

Facebook and Divorce?

As Mark Zuckerberg becomes the 29th richest man in the world at age 28 with his social media platform Facebook, while Mark is making money and getting famous, a couple is getting a divorce. An Indian woman is divorcing her husband because he neglected to change his relationship status to married on Facebook, Her 31 year old husband reportedly told the court that updating his status had just simply slipped his mind, as the pair wed only two months ago.

The new bride claims her reason for divorce is because she can’t trust him. Statistics have revealed that Eighty-one percent of lawyers surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in February 2010 said they’d seen an overwhelming increase in the number of divorce cases that used evidence gleaned from social networking sites like Facebook. SouthPark once covered all the different experiences of having a Facebook account and putting out your whole life.

So what is your relationship status on Facebook? It may cost you a partner.


Updated 21.05.2012 by Adewale Yusuf

Mark Zuckerberg drop a Facebook status update which reads “Married” on 19th of May 2012 a day after FB was listed on NASDAQ. He and his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan are married.

The marriage was not a big one as it was first broken on Facebook with the picture of the Priscilla and Mark both dressed in wedding gown and suit respectively and it was not a photoshop image. It was a perfect day I guess as Mark has just been dropped as one of the richest men on the planet and some days after his 28th birthday.


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