Webinars: Intro to Apps on Maps for Series 40; Build a Web App in One Hour

There has been an increase in the demand for user friendly apps which will also meet the demands of people in their societies. Thus the key is creating Apps that are user-centric. Nokia introduces its webinars which will take you through a design example focusing on helping a user determine where they are, to facilitate the use of a location based application for Series 40 Touch and Type phones.

Nokia Series 40 phones are powered by Java and have a huge installed base around the world. The S40 platform includes cutting-edge technologies and services that enable developers to build rich and engaging applications in Java Nokia has always been putting a lot of effort into developer education and support.

The free webinars will discuss some of the fundamental drivers behind mobile apps design, such as user mind set, use context, and small screen limitations as well as explore practical design implementation to enable the user to estimate their location, with a focus on the ways in which you can translate technology into an easy-to-use application.

The session will guide you on how to make complex technology accessible to Series 40 users. Using web development skills and tools, templates and information available from Nokia Developer, you can create an app in as little as one hour, start to finish. Michael Samarin from Futurice will show you how.

It is suggested that you download and install Nokia Web Tools 1.5 before the webinar to get the most out of the session. That’s the toolset for the presentation. You don’t need to have it installed to learn a lot, but you’ll learn more if you have it handy.

The dates for the webinars are:

  • Build a Series 40 Web App in One Hour – 8 May | 5 p.m. London (GMT), 6 p.m. Nigeria (GMT+1)
  • Introduction to App Development with Nokia Maps for Series 40 Phones (Session 1) – 9 May | 8 a.m. London (GMT), 9 a.m. Nigeria (GMT+1)

You can develop great location-based mobile applications by using the Maps API for Java™ ME. With this API you can easily integrate Nokia Maps and location-based services into your apps for a range of Series 40 phones. The webinar will introduce you to the basic skills of displaying and interacting with a map, including zooming and panning.

The session also will show you how to add your own content, icons, and markers to take advantage of the API’s versatile event-handling system. You’ll also be introduced to the use of related geographic services, such as searching, routing, and sharing locations.

Introduction to App Development with Nokia Maps for Series 40 Phones (Session 2)
10 May | 4 p.m. London (GMT), 5 p.m. Nigeria (GMT+1)

Good news for attendees as you will be eligible for a free Nokia Asha 303 by publishing a Series 40 web app. Details will be provided during the session so get your ‘head’ in order and prepare for greatness.  Don’t forget to get good internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register.


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