Efiko Wins First Round Of Africa Android Challenge 2012

The Africa Android Challenge is an opportunity to discover the best developers and Android experts on the African continent.  The contestants have an opportunity to create innovative applications and produce local “African” content. Perhaps, the reason why Team Efiko would be dancing having made it through the first round of the competiton.

Just recently the social mobile quiz platform, that was launched at the Co-Creation Hub, was one of two start-ups to have won a N1 million grants from the Nigeria Internet Group. Just in case you still don’t get what Efiko is all about:

Efiko is a social mobile quiz game platform designed to aid social learning by providing a means for testing, learning and social interaction. It features a Central API powering a native Android mobile app, a mobile web app that works most mobile phones and tablets, There is a huge potential in this quiz game platform being adopted in schools, universities as a means of providing pre-exam test questions, corporate organizations engaging their client-base in competitions, and in it being a social quiz game.

The competition this year has been really interesting and listed with representation from almost all Sub-Saharan African country. Here’s what the judges looked for in the submissions.

First round judging :

In this judging round, every Entry will be judged by the local panel of judges based on the following criteria (in no particular order) :

  • User-friendliness (Ease of use)
  • Relevance (Value addition to users)
  • Innovation and Creativity (Originality of Thought)
  • Originality of Idea and implementation (innovative, visionary, or new idea)
  • Use of Hardware Platform (use of Android’s features)
  • Branding (branded in a clever, catchy, or innovative way)
  • Necessity (solve a unique problem, meet a need)
The Journey Began Here: Team Efiko – 1st place winners at the C0-Creation Hub Tech-In-Edu

With each judge on the panel evaluating each entry to give it a score of one (1) to five (5) on each criterion, and the entry with the highest score moving on to the final round and receiving prizes, we can but applaud all that participated and moved on the final round – in no particular order: Quiz by Efiko (Nigeria), Tough Jungle (Kenya), SenAgro (Senegal), Pythagore Soft (Togo), Master of Time (Benin), Songo’o (Cameroon), Mobile s24/RD (Congo), LookPicker (Mali), Mufatago (Uganda), and entries from other countries such as Burkina Faso, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and Tunisia coming soon.



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