Update: Create4Millions, Nokia honours Grand Prize winners

The Grand Prize winners of Nokia’s 2011 Create for Millions developer contest were featured at a special awards ceremony held yesterday during the Nokia Developer Day at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

This global developer contest received more than 1,200 total submissions, resulting in the same number of new apps published to Nokia Store for use on Nokia Series 40 phones, including the new Asha line. The contest supported Nokia’s strategy by identifying locally relevant content, and served to showcase Nokia’s Series 40 developer offering around both Java and web apps.

But before you keep reading, here’s what led up to this:

Here are the top three winning apps in each of the contest categories:

Access to Knowledge:
1. Baby Write Number by Mico Wendy, Indonesia
2. myQR.Card by Damian Dominiak, Poland
3. YouTube Teletext by David Bello, Colombia

Emotional Closeness:

1. I’m Feeling..! by Mohammed Diab, Egypt
2. Soundtracker Radio, by Daniele Calabrese, United States
3. qeep, by Stefanie Merten, Germany

Fun and Games:
1. Sushi Loop by Kosti Rytkönen, Finland
2. Sandbox by Alexander Fürgut, Germany
3. Crash Test Dummies 2 by Ledicia Perez, United Kingdom

In the Know: 
1. AroundMe by James Mwai, Kenya    
2. HeatMap by David Bello, Colombia
3. TransJakarta S40 by Kemas Dimas Ramanditya, Indonesia

The top 10 winning apps in all four categories will receive cash prizes from Nokia (in those categories with tie results, all winners will receive cash prizes, too). For each of the four contest categories, there is a top prize of 50,000 euros in each category. The winning apps will be promoted globally in various Nokia-owned channels including: online, social media, newsletters and more. The top app in each of the four categories will also receive a free user experience (UX) consultation from Nokia; and support from a top design agency to create Spotlight banners featuring the winning apps.

Special prizes were awarded to apps showcasing the best touch feature; the best location-aware app; and the best overall Series 40 web app. Those winners are as follows:

  • Best Series 40 Location-based App: Locago, submitted by Patric Nordström from Sweden.
  • Best Series 40 Touch-based App: Sandbox, submitted by Alexander Fürgut from Germany.
  • Best Series 40 Web App (Tie – prize money will be split): AroundMe by James Mwai from Kenya; and HeatMap by David Bello from Colombia.

Additionally, there were 10 regional contests held at the same time as the global contest. Details about regional contest winners will be available soon.

Apps were submitted by developers from 61 countries around the world. The majority of the submissions came from the APAC region (61%), followed by EMEA (33%) and the Americas (6%). Here are the top 10 countries for contest submissions:

  • India = 353 apps
  • Indonesia = 149 apps
  • Kenya = 70 apps
  • Vietnam = 56 apps
  • Germany = 54 apps
  • Philippines = 47 apps
  • Denmark = 47 apps
  • Malaysia = 46 apps
  • Singapore = 37 apps
  • Brazil = 34 apps

These results point strongly to Nokia’s strategy to identify locally relevant content for use by consumers.

It is also worth noting that Nokia Series 40 phones now account for more than 30 per cent of overall downloads from Nokia Store, and with improved business model support for In-App Purchases and In-App Advertising, the opportunity for developers continues to grow.

Nokia congratulates all of the contest winners, and thanks all of the developers who made Create for Millions such a tremendous success.



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