Get Techie 2.0: Doing Technology Business in Nigeria

Are you a developer or internet enthusiast who is currently working on a startup or planning to start one? The knowledge required to start and run a technology business get techie is not written in any training school syllabus nor most textbooks. It is more of a culture and language that we have evolved with over the years.

November MoMo meet-up is therefore setup to help you on this journey. It is a follow-up on the October event and will be an interactive session where you can network, learn and ask kind of questions on what doesn’t make sense to you in the mobile internet industry. Our panelists will try to answer as many questions as possible.

And YES! Our panelists will be answering all of them in a very interactive and networking free settings.

To register for the event, visit MoMo Nigeria event page.

Come and get more Techie!