The Battle of The Tabs

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It is not news anymore that the tablets have come to stay, no, not medical marijuana tablets, computers! They are the light weight, easy to handle and very user friendly things that look like slates. There was a recent argument over these tablets, a very interesting argument. Some people were pro-iPad2, some were pro-Galaxy tab and I was pro-confused.

What prompts us to pick up our devices? Some people are so funny, they use tablets because they are the in-thing and will like it to show on social media networks as part of their swag- Twitter for iPad, Facebook for Samsung etc.

What is the iPad? What is the Galaxy tab? These are the two most prevalent tablets in the market today. What do you look for in a device anyways?

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 565g in weight and 8.6mm slim. It has a screen of 10.1 in size, 1Gb RAM, 16/32/64 ROM, 1GHz dual core processor. It has an in built battery which lasts up to 9hrs with video, up to 72hrs with music. It also has dual camera with HD capability.

The iPad 2 by Apple computers comes with 2 cameras for face time and video with HD capability anddual core A5 chip. The iPad 2 is said to be an extension of self – but then again maybe another sales pitch, or not. It is 8.64 mm thin and weighs 601 grams, with 10hr battery life.

I went round cyberspace and decided to share these facts with you in case you are thinking about getting a tablet for yourself or as a gift for a lover this Valentine’s season (I won’t mind getting one myself).

There are lots of similarities with these two tablets:

  • Access to social network at your convenience.
  • Access to free or paid games as well as a wide range of E-books both free and paid.
  • Excellent web browser, email and calendar apps.

As much as they are similar they are loads of differences. Though the Apple iPad 2 commands more of the market share, the functionality are a little bit rigid, if you desire flexibility to get non-Apple applications then you will have to look in the other direction. The Galaxy tab charges faster than the iPad, but the iPad’s battery lasts longer – definitely a factor to be considered with the power issues in Nigeria (Africa).

For lovers of video, Galaxy tab supports flash but to play flash on the iPad 2 you’d have to get a DVD video converter (now that’s just boring!) The G-tab’s browser is more functional, the page loads fast but scrolling can be a bit tricky. The G-tab is portable and easy to hold for a long period of time. This is good for Nigerian guys who take their gadgets everywhere- clubs, church, and even the loo.

If you value flexibility and configuration, well the G-Tab may be a preferred platform. The speakers of the G-tab are stereo while the iPad 2 is mono. Overall, I won’t want to bore you with specs, features, details, but in the end I think no device can really be said to be better than the other.

It is subjective, it depends on the user.