The Art of Blogging: Business Or Hobby?

It’s certain that blogs have come to stay in this generation as against the hope in the old internet era. In the last decade and half, there have being a lot of forms of social interaction launched to the world-wide web for various reasons.

My first interaction with the internet was for searching for information and sending and receiving emails. Then, it became a place to meet and make friends in chat rooms as well as communicate with existing friends.

But in recent years, it’s being a different thing. You don’t only come to the internet for email exchange or information gathering for the sake of research, but you come to the world-wide web to get informed from various means. Most of which started as a means of social interaction and a form of journalism that has now become a business empire.

What has taking over the world today and the Internet world which include e-journalism and social network is the art of blogging. It’s no doubt that blogging is now a lucrative business with a lot of young people turning blogging out information in search of a passive way of making funds.

In Nigeria today, we have famous blogs like Linda Ikeji with a readership arguably all over the world with a good Alexa ranking; not forgetting (a forum) which is the most visited website in Nigeria after Facebook and Google based on Alexia reports.  Other include, Bella Naija, The NET NG, Olorisupergal, techloy, Mobility and of course oTeKbits, just to mention a few.

It’s no hidden fact that owners (at least most) of these blogs now rake in millions of Naira on a monthly basis based on that act or hobby they love doing.

Around the world, it’s no different as bloggers earn from advert placement. The Nigerian bloggers are coming up gradually too. Some now earn a lot of money running into Millions of Naira on a monthly basis. If you are wondering if this is true, see below the list of the top 30 blogs in the world making a log of money online.

Are you a good writer and believe you content can draw in readers to you blog or site? Start now. You may start by focusing on your hobby. The longer you take siting down, not taking action, the more money you are losing.

List culled from


Some of the website’s featured in this top list are only estimates and are not all 100% correct just an indication of how well they are doing regarding making money from their blog. If you would like to be featured in this list or know of any blogger’s that should, please comment below!

30 Blog’s That Make A Lot Of Money Online

Monthly Earnings
 Main Income
 The Huffington Post
 Arianna Huffington
 Pay Per Click
 Pete Cashmore
 Advertising Banners
 Perez Hilton
 Mario Lavandeira
 Advertising Banners
 Michael Arrington
 Advertising Banners
 Smashing Magazine
 Vitaly Friedman
 Advertising Banners
 Timothy Sykes
 Timothy Sykes
 Affiliate Sales
 Jake Dobkin
 Pay Per Click
 Tuts Plus
 Collis Taeed
 Membership Area
 Car Advice
 Alborz Fallah
 Advertising Banners
 Venture Beat
 Matt Marshall
 Pay Per Click
 Slash Gear
 Ewdison Then
 Pay Per Click
 Life Hacker
 Nick Denton
 Advertising Banners
 Heather Armstrong
 Pay Per Click
 Steve Pavlina
 Steve Pavlina
 Pay Per Click
 Talking Point Memo
 Joshua Marshall
 Advertising Banners
 Darren Rowse
 Advertising Banners
 Nick Denton
 Advertising Banners
 Jeremy Schoemaker
 Private Advertising
 Coolest Gadgets
 Allan Carlton
 Advertising Banners
 John Chow
 Affiliate Sales
 Pat Flynn
 Affiliate Commissions
 CPM Advertising
 PC Mech
 David Risley
 Affiliate Sales
 Freelance Switch
 Collis Ta’eed
 Membership Area
 Fabio Sasso
 Advertising Banners
 Saad Hamid
 Pay Per Click
 Overhead in New York
 Michael Malice
 Advertising Banners
 Six Revisions
 Jacob Gube
 Advertising Banners
 Advertising Banners
 Retire at 21
 Michael Dunlop
 Affiliate Sales

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