Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012

Hello Developers!  You can participate in the Google Apps Developer Challenge by developing new applications built using the Google Apps and Google Drive APIs.

The sections below provide information about the types of applications you may enter, as well as the contest information and dates. Developers may submit their apps to one of three specially-designated competition categories beginning June 5th at 12 AM GMT. An application may only be submitted to a single category.

Developers in 6 regions across the world will win prizes that include Chromebooks and up to$20,000 USD with other special prizes for students and female developers!

All you have to do is build and submit an amazing application in one of these categories:

  • Enterprise / Small Business Solutions
  • Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun
  • Not-for-Profit: Education / Water / Food & Hunger / Health

A winner will be chosen for each category, in each region — 18 prizes in total.

Want to start hacking?

Join one of our Google Apps Developer Launch events across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The first round of submissions closes August 24, 2012.

Key Dates:
  • June 5th: Competition opens
  • August 24th: First round submissions due
  • September 13th: Semi-Finalists announced
  • October 25th: Updated Semi-Final Apps re-submitted
  • November 12th: Winners announced

You can visit the official website for more information about the Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012. Don’t forget to check if you are eligible too.


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