Tech With A Pinch Of Salt: How Powerful Is Google?

Contributor: Godwin Bassey is a System Administrator, and an enthusiastic blogger with particular interests in concept devices, automobile tech, audio video tech, computing, gizmos & mobile devices. You can follow him on twitter – @DaTecNerd

Remember how mama used to say ‘Take it with a pinch of salt’, when big brother or sister tries to taunt you – emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically? Well, if you took to her advice then the following will not really bother you:  According to The Onion, Google reportedly shut down its Gmail servers for almost two hours today. Maybe the company is getting tired of its ‘nice guy’ image? When anyone tried to sign on, they were greeted with the following message instead of access to their email:

[youtube ntICHMV-WMA nolink]

Tremble before Google! With the mere flip of a switch, we can bring you to your knees.



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