Here’s A Last April Fool Post. We Promise.

Editor’s note: April Fool this year was really and people had to go the extra mile just to impress, especially if you had the world as an audience (web). Unfortunately even Mashable couldn’t match SEGA’s Football Manager April Fool prank. Yeah! We did write about it, so check it out here. Moving on @AbiikeBlogger’s got another post on April Fool. We know it’s late but promise it’d be the last one this year.

Who can remember the rhyme:

April fool, go to school, tell your teacher he is a fool. If your teacher beats you, take your bag and run away.

We have all had our share of pranks, some seemingly dry people tried to find their funny bones, some somewhat unsuccessful. I am glad it is over, people tried too hard, irritating while others downright stupid. The Rick Santorum campaign team’s excitement was short lived when Forbes political blog (Yup! The Real Forbes) claimed Mitt Romney had dropped out of the presidential race but it turned out to be an April fool joke.

There was however no prank about President Goodluck Jonathan resigning. Hmmm….the fear of being held for treason.  Anyways, of all the sick jokes, this is a particular one I enjoyed, all ye lovers of free videos via youtube. Imagine watching free videos while saving your bandwidth at the same time. Ordering a box of YouTube videos. You can watch offline and fill in comments. *YIMU*

Don’t bother clicking on the link ‘cos this is all you’d get.

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