oTeKBrief – Weekly Review 4

Amazing week! Started off with our sequel to The Battle of The Tabs, but before you continue, you may want to check out the previous brief here, but if you don’t need to, it may interest you to sign up for the Crowdsourcing 101 course by Professor Abiike Blogger. Thanks to our friends at TechCrunch, we shared the Motorola Droid 4 Review as a follow up to the Holy QWERTY post. Quick add: Besides the battle of tabs, the battle of supremacy between Apple and Google continues.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola mobility may not be hot news, but approval by the EU and US Justice Department is. Good for Google right? Well maybe AfricanMars – our own YouTube can cause some upset for the giant company. We did catch up with the founder and asked him some though questions.

Ever heard of the Fedora project? Well if you have, then it’d interest you to know there’s been a change of leadership; and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a camera from Scalado that allows you to remove unwanted stuff from an image? Back to the local scene, Jobberman launched the E-mail premium alert.

It may be sooner or later, but Sony is looking to replace Android with Vita OS. Say goodbye to fustration over lost keys – or not, as the RFID tags on paper can step in to save the day. Again on the local scene, Google announced details of the 2012 g|Nigeria event, while on the foreign scene (for database folks), Oracle released Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory. Can’t help to ask myself – if it were critical why didn’t come in the first box?

From just $1.4 Billion in 2007, Apple’s declared a $22 Billion revenue source from Developing Nations. Yup! That includes Nigeria and and most African countries. Facebook to come to Africa in an Orange pack labelled USSD for the 70 million mobile users.

Android again? Well here’s what you should expect in 2012. Moving on, hacker group Swaggsec attacked iPhone maker, Foxconn. Should Apple be worried about the Mainframe era coming to an end? I don’t think so. Should Facebook have launched the Verified Account and Pseudonyms? Absolutely!

That’s it on this edition of the weekly review, and Yes! We have a new look and feel. What do you think about it? Drop your feedback in the comment box.

Have a nice week and do keep it techie.


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