oTeKbits – Our New Look And Feel

We sure hate to use the word ‘rebrand’ because that is not we have done – we simply took on a new look and feel. Yes! We are still branding.  So here’s what we’ve come up with for phase 1.

An awesome landing page that will give you the latest in different areas ranging from Technology (mother of them all), to the subsets such as Startups, Resource, Gadget, Developers and Products. We have also made the Blog very interesting, and orderly, so you can keep up with the tech world via different posts and share with friends on almost on the social networks that you are on.

Do keep with Tech Events locally and globally, as we will provide you with all the information and available access to these events, and if you looking for Career Opportunities in the ecosystem, we’ve got that covered too. We strongly believe in crowdsourcing for content so as to keep you up to date, so feel free to explore the ‘Tip Us‘ feature. Some things you can tip us on including breaking (tech related) news, events, et la; and who knows you could become an oTeKcontributor.

If you still wondering what oTeKbits is all about, then you can check the ‘About Us‘ section, and then join us via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or simply Subscribe to the blog to get updates right in your mailbox.

Wondering when Phase 2 branding output will be unveiled, and the upgrades that it’d bring along? Sooner than you expect. Till then, do feel free to give us your feedback on the new look and feel – using the comment box below.


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