Nokia/Co-Creation Hub Growth Academy: Meet The Participants

Is the Growth Academy trending yet? This is our 5th post on the Nokia/Co-Creation Hub initiative. For every season, (that’s a sports metaphor) 10 startups are selected to undergo a 3 month training, including one on User Experience/User Interface design, with a focus on accelerating them into companies that can compete on a world stage in terms of product.

We’ve decided to put a spot light on the first batch of startup intakes into the Growth Academy. Some already have been feature on oTeKbits, and be sure we’d be featuring the rest in the coming weeks.


Efiko is a mobile platform designed to aid learning through self-assessment. It is a product of a social Tech start-up targeted at improving the academic performance of Nigerian Students, especially in Secondary Schools.The solution which is tied to National and School curricula is designed to provide access to assessment and learning resources for secondary school students,with fun interactive quizzes, social integration, points based system and geographical ranking. Efiko is designed to make testing and learning attractive to Students.



MyCash is an application which allows individuals keep track of their personal expenses. It can also be used for small and medium scale businesses, by their employees to keep track of business expenditure. It simplifies the process of expense tracking and reduces time spent on filling and organizing expense sheets. The mobile application is currently freely available and can be downloaded in the Nokia Store.

The application allows quick data entry of expenses and also light report generation of previous expenses that have been saved. Spending budgets can be created and reports created for multiple purposes. MyCash will offer individuals an opportunity to synchronize their expenses on the web and easily generate excel reports that can be imported into existing accounting software or used directly. Website:



NINGO mobile app is an offline catalogue of Nigerian History and Current Affairs available to users on the go!  It’s highly relevant local content includes time-lined history of states, government agencies, the central bank, educational institutions etc. Current affairs content track information such as banking reforms, civil unrest, activism, fuel price hikes etc. NINGO is built to drive engagement and education on Nigerian history thus creating a populace better positioned for positive social change.



Pledge51 is a fresh mobile media company pursuing opportunities in Nigeria’s mobile internet space.  The company is a product of the Fate Institute for Venture Design (IVD) fellowship programme. We have a passion for using technology as a tool for transformation in Nigeria and Africa. Our submission for the Nokia Growth Academy is a fun and engaging mobile game titled “Danfo”. The game uses culturally relevant themes to give users hours of fun and entertainment. You can check us out at


Quadtech Mobile

As Nigerian youths, we love being able to do everything from our mobile phones be it checking out important information or just having fun! That’s why we live mobile at Quadtech Mobile! Quadtech Mobile provides cool Naija mobile Apps like 9Health the coolest mobile Hospital guide, Seeneema the one stop go to for everything cinema be it schedules or reviews, and wait for it….. 9Reality bringing top shows directly to your finger tips.So pick up your mobile phone or smartphone today and join over one million others living mobile with Quadtech Mobile.

Mr Teemu Kiijarvi, Head, Ecosystem and Developer Experience, Nokia-West Africa;  Mr Adetunji Eleso,Director, Pre-Incubation and Research, Co-Creation Hub; and Paul Houghton, Director, Wizardry and Development at Futurice, Finland flagged by the first Intakes of Nokia/CCHUB Growth Academy at the launch of the Academy today in Lagos



RubiQube is a cross platform, location based mobile application aggregator. It is a platform that allows users have unlimited access to a variety of innovative indigenous mobile applications by taking the users respective geographic locations and recommending apps relevant to him in the RubiQube store on any of the mobile platforms (OS). Mobile developers can upload their apps through the RubiQube upload system and reach their target users easier, faster and more efficiently. It enables mobile application developers or content providers in Africa launch their applications on time and reach a wider target audience visit us at



Tiketmobile is a mobile ticketing platform aimed at eliminating the queues at the point of purchase and use of tickets by providing a convenient way for individuals to buy, use and manage tickets. It also helps ticket vendors focus on their core business process by enabling them efficiently, and conveniently create, manage, and sell their tickets. Tiketmobile targets passengers and providers of interstate transport. This means: armed with Tiketmobile, a traveler would be able to choose, buy and manage tickets. On the other end, the bus service providers would be able to create, manage tickets. Get more info on



Traclist is an online platform that allows small and medium sized businesses showcase the products they have to sell, allowing consumers easily reach them and find products they are looking for. With Traclist, retailers who do not have an online presence can quickly and easily setup their stores and list all their products online. Consumers who need these products and services would be able to connect with these businesses by simply searching for the products on Traclist. Traclist is available at is a product of Officemotion Software Company, and our aim as a business is to move businesses forward.



Waserise mobile is an application that allows job seekers to find jobs that suit them. It does this by allowing users to set certain attributes (level of education, experience etcetera). This set of attributes forms a user profile after which the user profile is then matched to suitable jobs using a probabilistic mathematical algorithm which resides on the waserise server. These jobs are then displayed showing their per cent suitability to the user. Waserise is a push service and this differentiate it from other job solutions. Waserise mobile was developed by Pace solutions and a web version can be found at

[image via Flickr/ Jason A. Samfield]

Update: RubiQube and VoteGuard didn’t make graduation.