#OIAS: Open Innovation Africa Summit, Day 2 Recap

Editors Note: Open Innovation Africa Summit is ongoing at Safari Park Hotel, Kenya. It started on Monday, 28 May 2012. Here’s Day 1 recap, and below is a summary of what went down yesterday. It is put together by Seyi Eluwole.

Yesterday’s program was a little different from the experience we had on the first day. All participants got their hands dirty and their brain working as they evaluate extensively the given theme and provides a feasible solutions with a specific action plans.

The program started around 9:10am with the opening discussion from Shiv Shivakumar, Senior Vice President IMEA Nokia and Dr. Yves Morieux on the topic “Global leadership Trends“. Shiv in his speach clearly emphasis the need for Africa to invest immesely on Infrastructure if she has to convert her immense potentials and resources from being just a potential.

Immediately after the first session, the streams were divided into different group to exhaust the different theme, identify the challenges in several sectors and provide a specific answers and action plans.  If you ask me, today’s program was really exhaustive as more critical attention was paid to the critical issue stalling the fast growth of innovation in Africa. Show-casing of the idea followed immediately after the group discussion with more appraiser, ideas and evaluation taking different individuals.

You will not forgive me if I do not mention how we ended the day 2 of the summit with a dinner in the bushes. The dinner was lovely on, and I think the organizers decide to optimized the bush experience this time around to look like something some people refer to as a garden or decorated open field. The entertainment was fantastic with the life music from bands and some dancer coming to do some acrobatic stunts. Dinner end at around 8:45pm while soft entertainment continue for as many that love to enjoy the night with some drink and soft music.

We looked forward for the day 3 of the programme which continues today, which is going to be the last day of the summit for 2012.  Please keep following us twitter @oTeKbits and the hash tag #OIAS for the life stream.


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