Nokia Launches “Apps to Empower Women” Challenge

Nokia has just launched a new competition focused on encouraging developers to submit ideas for apps that will empower women. The competition is called “Apps to Empower Women” Challenge and it seeks ideas for mobile apps that can help women in work, education, and leisure. The challenge opens on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 and is expected to close on 30 September 2011.

The Challenge:

Women around the world are increasingly living more active and productive lives. But numerous barriers remain. These barriers can be eliminated with the use of a mobile app. In any country, mobile apps have the potential to help empower women in a wide range of ways, helping them to become better connected, better able to manage their time – and, yes, more mobile. The Nokia Ideas ProjectApps to Empower Women” Challenge seeks ideas for mobile apps that can help to achieve all these.

The Nokia Ideas Project Mobile Challenge for “Ideas to Empower Women” was  launched at the DLD Women conference in Munich, Germany, on 29 June 2011. Nokia believes that your product, services and solutions ideas can help to make the  difference in the lives of women around the world.


The top app chosen in the challenge will be developed by a team of women  software developers, and posted for free on the Ovi Store. The ideator  behind the winning idea and 2 ideators behind the ideas that will get  honors will be recognised with a Nokia phone of their choice.

Interested in taking part in the challenge? Click here to submit your suggestions for empowering apps.