Glo Launches Google SMS Chat in Nigeria

Globacom, one of the telecommunication service providers in Nigeria, has just launched Google SMS Chat on its network. This service is launched in partnership with Google and it allows Glo subscribers to chat on their mobile phones from their Gmail account.

This is an interactive and exciting way to chat and keep in touch with your business partners, friends and family all from the comfort of your Gmail account. The service works from anywhere in the world. Also, the service works in real time as you type and send.

How it works?

Google SMS Chat enables interaction between a google email user and a Glo mobile phone user.  As a gmail user or Glo subscriber, you can start to use this service right now. If you have a Gmail account, all you have to do is to send a message via SMS chat from your Gmail email account on the web to a Glo Subscriber. The Glo subscriber will receive the message via SMS instantly and he can respond by just replying to the message.

What are the charges?

Sending a message from your Gmail to a Glo subscriber is free but person replying is charged NGN 5 per SMS. Receiving message on both platforms is free of charge.