Nokia Introduces Location APIs

Nokia has just released a series of Location APIs which are embedded in a wide range of services and tools on Ovi Maps. This is definitely good news to both developers and merchants who can now benefit from a wide range of industry-leading mapping and places functionalities.

According to Nokia Developers News, the Nokia’s Location APIs include:

  1. Ovi Maps API: This enables you to embed an interactive Ovi Map into websites with the use of a few lines of JavaScript code. It contains customizable map views by adding layers for additional content.
  2. Ovi Maps Rendering API: This renders a map in the form of a digital still image from a simple http request. The API can be used on any device.
  3. Ovi Places API – Alpha (JavaScript) allows web developers to create mash-ups with place-related information. It supports local search and discovery, retrieval of place information (such as name, address, contact details, mini map, ratings, and more) to create an interactive user experience.
  4. Qt Location API, part of the QtMobility package, provides services for map rendering, geocoding, reverse geocoding, positioning, landmark management (such as points of interest) and routing functionality.
  5. JavaME Location API – Beta offers access to Ovi’s powerful location services platform for JavaME-capable mobile phones, giving users the same Maps experience as Symbian smartphone users.

Nokia believes that giving third parties the opportunity to participate in its Location platform is the key to its success with Ovi Maps.  Developers interested in working with any of Nokia’s five Location APIs can opt for a premium business model of licensed APIs, or a free embedded-ads version. Visit Location APIs page on Forum Nokia for more information on how to take advantage of these new APIs.

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