Urgent: Developers Are Needed

What is your passion? Are you passionate about technology? mobile phones? Do you like mathematics? And willing to learn new things? Or perhaps you are a normal guy with passion for creating things? Are you still a student? or awaiting result into tertiary institution? You may even be a graduate and looking for job? There is now an opportunity created for you to turn your passion into work.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the passion for technology at the moment, this can always be developed. You can learn some basic skills and create a business empire for yourself. Many people have started this way – pick up a skill – and are, today, running, successful business.  Yes, I am talking about the same companies that you see around.

Due to the Internet penetration and increasing interest in technology, programmers and developers are now hot commodities in nearly every sector of commerce including business, education, health care and government. So, the earlier you position yourself for this kind of opportunity the better. You can choose today to do something or watch the this opportunity slip away. The choice is yours.

Will you take up this challenge? You might be saying that you don’t know anything about programming or that there is nobody can can help you. Forget about your limitation. You are your own limitation.  You just have to show enough interest and have the commitment to follow through on your interest. Decide today that you are going to be a very good programmer in few weeks. Then, make a commitment to do everything it will take to achieve this. Decision and commitment are two key things that you need to set yourself in motion.

Choose not only to learn the basic skills but also to make yourself visible. Choose to  be the best and always look for opportunity to showcase your skills. There are many people looking for programmers and are ready to pay for your skill sets. Instead of sitting down and wasting your time, convert your time to meaningful use. Pick up a programming skill today. You can start from where you are. You only need to have access to a computer system and internet.

You may say that you are working and don’t need this. Wait! What is stopping you from earning an extra income? The requirement is desire and willingness to make the sacrifice.  If you are already a programmer, why not share your experience by dropping your comment below. I am sure many people will benefit from your experience and the tips you have to share.

Post originally posted at Achievepace

Image credits: http://blog.utest.com/testers-wanted-incompetent-programmers-need-not-apply/2010/01/