Nokia E7 – the new communicator?

Nokia started shipping the new Nokia E7 into the Nigeria market in early March and the phone has received some good reviews already. If you are business person or upwardly-mobile executive, I am sure you will still remember remember the Nokia communicator – Nokia E90?

I still remember vividly my experience of the Nokia E90 phone. The device  allowed me to get desktop-like, business email at my fingertips with Mail for Exchange. It also allows me to increase my productivity whenever I had to  edit or create a document with its the large size QWERTY keyboard and large display. If you liked Nokia E90, you will definitely like Nokia E70. Nokia E7 has beautiful and innovative design which gives you everything you need to stay in sync with your business and your world.

Some of the features that impress me about E7 are:

  • 4″ ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY keypad. This means you can see things clearly even in the dark
  • Multitask functionality
  • USB on the go.
  • Real-time work and personal emails
  • Maps with free GPS navigation
  • 8 MP camera and HD video
  • the series of apps available for download at Ovi Store and off course
  • the ability to create, edit and share office docs and view PDF files with Adobe Reader

You will be able to protect your important data with the device’s remote device management options such as device lock and device wipe. And you know what? You will never find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where your phone is. Nokia E7 gives you the ability to be locate your phone if it is stolen i.e.  see where it is on a map with the theft control feature. This ensure that you are able to keep important work files safe.

For the full specifications, visit Nokia E7 specifications page. If you a business person or an executive on the go, Nokia E7 is definitely something you need to have as part of your work tool.  Now I can say that Nokia E90 has resurrected from the dead 🙂