Recap: January 2012 Developers Parapo By Google – Part 1

The Google sponsored Developers Parapo was an amazing way to start the year. The 4th of its kind and 1st in the year 2012 event hosted by the Co-Creation Hub (fondly called ccHub) sold out, and was packed to full with techies – developers, programmers, tech entrepreneurs, and perhaps just enthusiast.

Femi Longe, one of the co-founders of the ccHub gave a brief history of the hub, and its plans for 2012. Sure looks like the @Cc_HUB means business this year and almost geared up to face the challenges we face as a country. The hub is also setting out to attract stakeholders help implement transformation plans and projects from the technology ecosystem.

The Google train came in with many coaches, with Emeka Afigbo (Google Outreach Program Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa) at the wheels. He recognized the presences of others including Nmachi Jidenma and Lanre Aina. He did state that Google is very interested in the ccHub and its activities, perhaps the reason why Google was the first ever sponsor of the hub.

Emeka whose core interest is developer’s content, took us through Google 2011 timeline. When he said ‘We’d take a look at Google 2011’, I was expecting the see the Zeitgeist 2011 video, but instead it was a local focus on Nigeria to include: YouTube Nigeria, GNBO, Nigeria representation in Android Challenge, and other amazing moments.

He also tagged the year 2012 ‘A Year of Lucky Techies’, as there will be so many challenges and in turn opportunities for cash-in on ideas and innovation, citing Batterbox and BudgitNG as two of the startups already getting lucky in the past few weeks, due to the nationwide protest and related happenings. Emeka stressed that Google is going to be on the watch to help techies prepare to face challenges, assist in implementing ideas and going a step further to create awareness for such individuals, projects, and innovation.

Google is going to be focusing on APIs too in 2012 and looking to add to its already existing 94 APIs, as lots of SMBs need them to better and effective. Some APIs include: YouTube, Google+, Hangout, Google Search Engine, etc. Hackathons and Trainings too will be coming up, watch this space. Native Client by Google is also on the verge of release, and what does it do? It allows you program in native languages such as C and C++ directly on your browser in a safe way.

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