Fasmicro launches Android App Store in Nigeria

Fasmicro,  a leader in software, Android, embedded systems and microelectronics, today announced the launch of  its Android App Store. This is coming after the announcement by Mobility Nigeria of launching similar app store in Nigeria. The app store currently showcase the apps developed by Fasmicro’s team based in Owerri, Nigeria. The apps focus on solving local problem. Two of the apps currently available on the store are:

  • Nigeria constitution: This is a digitalized copy of the full and unedited 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This comes handy for all Nigerians who is interested in knowing and understanding what the Nigeria Constitution says.
  • Poultry Manager: This is designed to be a pocket assistant to farmers involved in the commercial raising of chickens for meat or eggs. So, if you are a poultry farmer, this is definitely worth downloading.

According to the press release available today, the team is also working at releasing further apps in Android Market next week. The team also provides training for anyone interested in learning how to develop android app. To learn more about the Fasmicro Android app store and how you take advantage of this, do visit the app store.