Nairaland’s New Look. In Case You Missed It

Look and feel is very important when it comes to keeping people on your website, and even Nairaland with all of it’s traffic is not taking that for granted. So a little tweak has been made to the look of the number 1 local website. Before you get all excited, don’t expect some major transformation, but you wouldn’t miss the touch of sleek – as far as texture is concerned.

Diving into the site, I could make some guesses as to why the upgrades were made:


Increased user experience, as I did get to enjoy navigating the site. This will definitely lead to more clicks, page views, and time spent on the site.

Advert Pops. I didn’t really notice the Ads on Narialand, except for the two side tower banners on the home page, but the new design comes with a white back drop that now allows other Google AdChoises banners pop out of all the pages.
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