Apple’s “Mountain Lion” Is a Head-On Collision of Mac OS and iOS

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Apple just announced the next version of Mac OS X, the operating system that runs on all Mac computers. It’ll be called Mountain Lion, the convergence of Mac OS and iOS, which began in earnest with the current version, Lion.

Some highlights include the migration of certain iOS apps, like iMessage (the free SMS-like messaging service; iChat will be renamed Messages and support the iMessage protocol), Notes, Reminders, and Game Center. There’ll be a new notifications drop-down box in the upper-right corner, sort of like the notifications that fold down from the top of the screen in iOS.

You’ll be able to share items directly to email or Twitter from certain apps like Safari, Preview, and Notes, the same way you can update Twitter directly from the Photos app in iOS. AirPlay will also come to the Mac, which, finally. AirPlay is the function in iPhones and iPads that lets you beam a song or video or photo right from your mobile device to an AirPlay-capable set-top box hooked up to your TV, like an Apple TV or Boxee Box. It’s awesomely futuristic, and it’s very welcome on the Mac.

Anyway, those are the highlights. Check out MacWorld for a more in-depth look. It’ll cost around $30, but that’s just a guess.

Mac OS Mountain Lion New iOS-inspired apps will come to the Mac, including Messages, Reminders, and Notes – MacWorld


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