MTN Nigeria And Intel Team Up To Create Education Bundle

MTN Nigeria has partnered with Intel West Africa to roll out “MTN Education Bundle“, providing a laptop loaded with free internet access for three months and with exclusive educational content designed for children from nursery age to senior secondary school.

The MTN Education Bundle will also offer children exclusive access to resources from Intel’s e-learning website The site provides interactive digital lessons in mathematics, chemistry, physics and the English language, among others topics, allowing children the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

The following softwares also comes preloaded with the bundle.

Encyclopedia Britannica is the world’s most trusted source of information on every topic imaginable; from Science to History of the world, Current affairs and so much more.
You can teach PC literacy from SCRATCH to learners of all ages and background. This software enables you to get started with your PC from the word GO.
Thousands of apps, one convenient place to get them all. Play more, do more, learn more with apps from Intel AppUp Centre
With content for children (nursery, primary or secondary school), teachers and parents; provides stimulating and interactive digital teaching for mathematics and science and works at your child’s pace.
ZinoxCard is Africa’s #1 eLearning center, designed to improve academic achievement by empowering students, teachers, and parents with world-class resources that help to upgrade their learning skills and close their knowledge gaps:

  • 500 Mathematics/Physics practice tools
  • 2000 parental e-books
  • 10,000 classic literature e-book
  • 23,000 audio books MP3
  • 500,000 e-books library
Learn African folklore with Ajapa World


Protect your children from exposure to inappropriate content, Social networking risks and other threats on the internet.How does it protect your child:

  • Protects children from exposure to adult content
  • Manages the amount of time spent on the internet
  • Prevents contact with strangers
  • Filters online videos and movies viewing by ratings
  • Blocks objectionable Youtube videos


The MTN education bundle sounds exciting, however its not free or even cheap! Here are the prices:

Bundle Options Price
Zinox Smart Netbook + 3months Internet access (750MB) N71, 500
Zinox Smart Convertible Netbook + 3months Internet access (750MB) N83, 000
Samsung Intel Netbook (NP-102) + 3months Internet access (1.5GB) N63, 000
Samsung Intel Laptop (NP-300) + 3months Internet access (1.5GB) N110, 000

What do you think? Will you be getting one or recommend someone does?


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