‘Made in Nigeria’ In This Age of Globalization

There is a new campaign for Nigerians to use locally made products for numerous reasons. They argue that by using made in Nigeria products you are encouraging local Entrepreneurs.

However, I’m going to say this: If you cannot give me a better reason to use your product other than the fact that it is Nigerian, then I am sorry for you. The average Femi, Bisi and Tayo just wants to use a product that works regardless of which part of the globe it originated from.

In this age of globalization, isn’t it stupidity to ignore the better alternatives and stick to bad products all in the name of “Made in Nigeria”

Recently, there was a move by a Nigerian government agency to ban all foreign IT products, I simply laughed; whoever thought up such an idea definitely is clueless about what IT is built on.

If you ban non-Nigerian IT products:

  • Which OS will be used in Nigeria? Windows, Mac and Linux are not of Nigerian origin Which softwares do we have? How do we make do without Microsoft Office, Photoshop etc
  • Which Hardware can we say is truly Nigerian? We all know Zinox, Omatek etc are not built in Nigeria! They are branded “chinko” computers
  • And you would have to explain to my younger sister why she cannot use her Facebook, Twitter, and BBM again

What does it even mean for something to be “made in Nigeria”? When I see an iPad I don’t start thinking made in China, designed in USA – that’s nonsense! I just think: That’s a magical device that I would love to use.

Nigerian Tech Entrepreneurs should not be after usage because they are Nigerian, they should be after usage because people find them more relevant or useful to them than foreign counterparts.

Some people have been clamoring for ban of foreign products, but I think it is very unnecessary. Any competition should be welcomed warmly; it is our ingenuity that should chase them away. To compete in the modern business world you need to have what it takes; real innovation. If we keep hiding behind our “Nigerianness” as an excuse for crappiness, we are in for a shocker.

Image credits: Bella Naija


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