Apple Wages War. Guess Who’s On The Other End

As Apple revealed its new products yesterday, it also seems clearer that the corporation is fueling the rivalry between itself and Google. The mammoth corporations have been at it for a while now but it seems this battle will be worse than Apple vs Microsoft( the obsession between the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates).

Apple has not since forgiven Google for the Android. With the launch of these new products there is a new release of energy as most people thought then that with the death of Steve Jobs will be the downfall of Apple when share prices plunged.

The importance of a business model in any business can not be over emphasized, this is the reason most international companies outlive their creators. (Being a tech entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily make you a great manager).

Over the years there have been great rivalry, corporate espionage in major corporations- Nike vs Reebok, Coke vs Pepsi, Apple vs Microsoft, Google vs Bing et al. Apple is taking no prisoners as it wages war with Google, (Google has been accused of monopoly by other search engines).

What is Apple doing? Besides yanking off Google maps and teaming up with Yelp, it is also collaborating with Facebook, Apple has Siri (which has been improved) and also created Apple’s Passbook which is similar to Google Wallet.

Apple is trying to get before off the web by creating iPhone apps for almost everything hence maybe causing massive losses in mobile advertising revenue. The technique being used- The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is a win-win situation for we the consumers- better products, stiffer competition.

Tic-Tac-Tuc. We’d see who wins the war when the dust settles.


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